Welcome To PT. Indomineral Mega Perkasa

Offering wide range of coal quality based on East Kalimantan Region in Indonesia, PT. Indomineral Mega Perkasa supplies continuously high quality Indonesian Steam Coal with competitive price and fully experienced team support to provide a trusty and reliable services to customers from local or international market.

As a Coal Business Company that legally operated within Indonesian Law and Regulation, PT. Indomineral Mega Perkasa is a holder of Izin Usaha Pertambangan Operasi Produksi Khusus Pengangkutan dan Penjualan (IUPOPKPP) No.566.K/30/DJB/2011 dated March 25th 2011. Our mining and trading operation is handled with a secure, environment friendly, and professional standard operating procedure at the highest level.

Please kindly send your inquiries and let us handle the rest.